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In der Nähe NL

Return Dutch postal codes within range of a given postal code

Hinweis: Dies ist die Dokumentation für die v2-API, die sich noch im Beta-Stadium befindet.

This will return all postal codes within a range of a given postal code or city.

  • Either the postalCode or settlement is required

Erforderlich Parameter

    Optional Parameter

    • postalCode (string): Either the fourpp (e.g: 1000) or the sixpp (e.g: 1000AA) notation.
    • settlement (string): The address's settlement (city, town, village, or hamlet)
    • municipality (string): The address's municipality (only needed when there are multiple settlements by the same name to differentiate)
    • province (string): The address's province (only needed when there are multiple settlements having the same municipality name, so there's a province needed to differentiate)
    • searchRange (integer): The range to search, in meters. Maximum 100000.
    • precision (string): The precision for the returned results. Either sixpp or fourpp
    • maxResults (integer): The amount of results returned, a number between 0 and 999.
    • includeInitialPostalCode (boolean): Option whether to include the initial postal code in /v2/range calls. If the value is True, then the initial postal code is included in the search.


    authKey: This is the Authorization key. You have to add it as a GET parameter. Your auth key can be found on the CMS.