Suggest DE street

Suggest a German address.

Note: This is the documentation for the v2 API which is still in beta.

This application gives the following result:

200: street suggestion(s) available
    "district": "Landkreis Oberallgäu",
    "lat": 47.52148015,
    "lng": 9.97188285,
    "postalCode": "87534",
    "settlement": "Oberstaufen",
    "state": "Bayern",
    "street": "Aach"
    "district": "Landkreis Konstanz",
    "lat": 47.8513116952381,
    "lng": 9.00772019047619,
    "postalCode": "78333",
    "settlement": "Stockach",
    "state": "Baden-Württemberg",
    "street": "Aachbachstraße"

Error responses

401: Not authenticated
404: No results found

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