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Suggest NL street

Suggest a Dutch address field.

Note: This is the documentation for the v2 API which is still in beta.

This application gives the following result:

200: street suggestion(s) available
    "lat": 52.66525971083043,
    "lng": 4.7089990395658,
    "municipality": "Bergen",
    "postalCode": "1861TR",
    "province": "Noord-Holland",
    "settlement": "Bergen",
    "street": "Klokketuin"
    "lat": 52.48834418754599,
    "lng": 4.68067179664783,
    "municipality": "Beverwijk",
    "postalCode": "1948CA",
    "province": "Noord-Holland",
    "settlement": "Beverwijk",
    "street": "Klokbeker"
    "lat": 52.38135987511714,
    "lng": 4.63838472351904,
    "municipality": "Haarlem",
    "postalCode": "2011HK",
    "province": "Noord-Holland",
    "settlement": "Haarlem",
    "street": "Klokhuisplein"

Error responses

401: Not authenticated
404: No results found