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Entfernung (gerade Linie) Niederlande Parameter

Return driving distance and time between two Dutch postcodes.

Hinweis: Dies ist die Dokumentation für die v2-API, die sich noch im Beta-Stadium befindet.

Given a start and destination postcode, return the distance between them. If the road algorithm is selected this distance will be over the road (meters) and includes car drive time (minutes).

The given postcodes should either be both fourpps or sixpps.

You can use the more precise sixpp postcode format only for postcodes within a 5000 meter distance. If we'd keep a bigger lookup table, the storage requirements would be too high. Revert to a fourpp postcode format for the bigger distances. That shouldn't be a problem as precision should matter less when postcodes are apart much further.

Erforderlich Parameter

  • toPostalCode (string): A sixpp or a fourpp to calculate to.
  • fromPostalCode (string): A sixpp or a fourpp to start calculating from.

Optional Parameter

  • algorithm (string): algorithm: Choose an algorithm. road to calculate the actual traveling distance and time over actual roads, or straight to obtain the distance in a straight line. Any subscription allows access to the straight line distance, however the road algorithm uses the drive time matrix (shortest route) that requires a ’development agency’ or higher subscription level when used through the API. For trial purposes, a range of postcodes is allowed with any subscription level: 1000..1098, 1100..1108 (Amsterdam), 3000..3089 (Rotterdam), 5600..5658 (Eindhoven).


authKey: This is the Authorization key. You have to add it as a GET parameter. Your auth key can be found on the CMS.

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