API deprecation

The v1 API is kept backwards compatible for more than 10 years. We're aiming to break that record with v2.

We're actively developing new features on the v2 API.

The v1 API receives only bug fixes and speed improvements.

API v1 deprecation policy

The v1 will still be supported to at least 2026-01-01, probably longer. The final timeline for this will be announced when the v2 API moves to production status.

API v2 deprecations

While the v2 API doesn't have the stable or production status yet, we're treating it as such in the case of API changes.

While the v2 API isn't declared production status yet, expect a deprecation period of at least 6 months. When stable, we'll allow for a deprecation period of at least 36 months.

This is a list of deprecations:

  • v2/suggest/x/streetNumber is the intended replacement for both /v2/suggest/x/streetNumberAndPremise and v2/suggest/x/premise, which are now deprecated. Deprecated on 2022-11-14. The deprecated functions will be removed at 2025-01-01.