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For webshop owners there is the webshop package. With this package it is possible to link the API to up to 5 webshops that are registered under the same KVK account.

Besides Dutch addresses it is possible to extend the API with Belgian and German addresses.

Unfortunately, the postal code system of these countries does not work the same as in the Netherlands. But we have found a way to help your customers fill in their address without error using the autocomplete.

Available plugins

Below are all the plugins which Postcode Checkout has available for working with Pro6PP. These plugins can be purchased separately and can only be used if you have a subscription or demo account with Pro6PP.

Available soon

LiteCart logo

Litecart 2.1+

VirtueMart logo

Virtuemart 3.2+

Address validation

Enter your postal code and house number and get back the validated street name, city and county.

Not only the street name and city name are available but also municipality, county, area code, longitude and latitude coordinates and other house numbers that fall within the postal code.

Try now for free

Enter a postal code and house number. Pro6PP automatically populates the street name, city, country and coordinates!