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Suggest BE settlement

Suggest a Belgium address field.

Note: This is the documentation for the v2 API which is still in beta.

This will give autocomplete suggestions for Belgian settlements. Settlements will be returned based on postnames, postnames are (unofficial) cities within a settlement, e.g: Laken is a postname in Brussel.

Required parameters

    Optional parameters

    • settlement (string): The address's settlement (city, town, village, or hamlet)
    • postalCode (string): The address's postal code which can be up to four digits long
    • maxResults (integer): The amount of results returned, a number between 0 and 999.
    • cursor (string): The page to return, the variables for the next/previous pages can be found in the results Link header.


    authKey: This is the Authorization key. You have to add it as a GET parameter. Your auth key can be found on the CMS.